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Request For Quote

St. James Anglican Church Cleaning Contract

St. James is looking for a new cleaning company/individual for our internal cleaning needs!

Request for Quotation (Closing Date: October 28th, 2022 @ 1:00 PM)

St. James Anglican Church located at 520 Ellis Road consists of approximately 10,000 square feet of general church, office spaces, hall, classrooms, nursery, and meeting rooms, which includes 4 washrooms, kitchen and 1 small kitchenette areas. 

The Church is seeking a qualified cleaning contractor to provide general cleaning services of the Church Building, as well as annual cleaning services. This is a three-year contract quote.

This Request for Quotation is also open to Owner Operators, Sole Practitioners, Family Business, and Individuals who meet the insurance requirements.

You can download the required documents using this link: Tender Documents. Documents will open in a new window and can be dowloaded for your review.

All "Appendix(es)" needs to be filled and submitted for this RFQ. Please verify tender documents with the church if need be.

Interested And Want To Apply

Apply to the church Office:

Or Send in you mail application to:
Attention: Ms. Deborah Cayer
Office Administrator 
St. James’ Anglican Church 
520 Ellis Road, Box 29044 
Cambridge, Ontario
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